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28 December 2011 @ 01:33 am
My Big Damn Suits Rec List.  

Last Update: 18/08/2012

This is following exactly the same idea as my Big Damn Holmesian Rec List only this time for some lawyers not consulting detectives.

However in comparison to the 100+ year old Sherlock Holmes fandom, this show is just a baby with only one series behind it so far. Fear not, I shall be searching and reading madly to ensure this rec list is full of great things too. However at the moment yes it is pretty empty, just give me time.

Some things that should be said:
- Unless stated otherwise, everything here is Harvey/Mike (Predictable? Me? Never!).
- There will be porn. Everybody got that? Good.
- Only complete fics will be listed here (WIPs will be added once they are complete).
- You should totally ask me things - opinions, absolute favourites, fandom classics etc. LET ME TELL YOU MY LOVES.
- You should definitely can also send me recs. Actually I would love you if you sent me recs.
- Please don't be offended if your fic isn't listed here - it doesn't mean I didn't like it.
- Sequels are listed underneath the original story and marked with ♦
- There are a few links to suits_meme if I could not find the story hosted elsewhere. It is listed within the brackets if it's a meme story.

all straight lines circle sometime by liketheroad (Unrated | AU) Mike swallows and stares unblinkingly back at Harvey when he says, “Like it or not, Mike, you made me the man I am today.”
And We'll Pretend by anon (Unrated | Meme) Mike has heard about Harvey being a womanizer, his one night stands and flirting with everybody, but he still has fallen in love with Harvey. So he prepares himself for being hurt after they slept together and as much as it hurts him because he'd like to stay - he leaves Harvey's apartament, pretends nothing happened and doesn't give Harvey a chance to hurt him.
Extracurricular Overtime by MidKnight2501 (NC-17) Was it the scotch that made them do it? Was it?
Friends? I'd Say Family. by [personal profile] mockturtletale (PG-13) Mike very quickly tries to calculate just how much he’s had to drink tonight because Harvey is standing in the middle of his very spacious, very expensive looking kitchen helping what appears to be a small child clad in Charizard pyjamas.
Grande Soy Triple Dirty Chai by friskaz (R | AU) Harvey is (still) a lawyer. Mike is the only barista that gets his coffee order right, and isn't afraid of a bit of intelligent and snarky banter.
Imprimatur by Closer (NC-17 | AU) Mike was raised to believe Imprint was a life-changing event for those few lucky enough to experience it. Harvey was raised to believe it was a form of mental illness. When it actually happened, neither of them noticed.
let us go then, you and i: part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 by azure_horizon (PG-13) a guide to recognising that he’s still the love of your life, and how to deal with that after you divorce him
Limited Partnership by Pookaseraph (PG-13) Mike isn't entirely certain how he let Donna and Jessica talk him into marrying Harvey while his boss was in a coma, even if they swore he wouldn't mind. He thought the hardest part would be going to the hospital and confronting the sight of his boss and friend lying there, but instead it turned out to be confronting his growing feelings for a man he'd never imagined seeing in a romantic light. Harvey's just glad he woke up from his coma, and trying to not be too upset that he's now married to the Associate he's had a crush on for over a year.
love will come through (it's just waiting for you) by tattooedsiren (PG-13) "I just need more time," Harvey says, almost begs. Because he's not ready for this, not yet. He knows, the way he's certain Mike does too, that if they do this, then that's it. For better or worse, this will either make them or completely ruin them. They are standing at the crossroad of that, but he's not yet ready to choose his path.
Not the Worst Step-Dad in the History of Everything by Pookaseraph (G) When the son he never knew he had is deposited on his doorstep by Child Protective Services, Harvey does the kindest thing he knows how to do: put Mike Ross on the case. Mike responds by doing what he does best: get emotionally attached to the client.
Pizza and a Movie by Closer (R | AU) In an alternate universe, Harvey's still a lawyer but Mike's not a pot runner -- he's a deliveryman for Rollo's Pizza and Ribs, which happens to be Harvey's favorite pizza place. Once Harvey finds out his pizza guy is a genius, Mike's life takes a few turns he would not have expected...
The Prince and the Prostitute by Forever_bright (R) Harvey is hiring a prostitute who looks exactly like Mike. Mike finds out and, well, he's not impressed. He should be the one sleeping with Harvey.
The Trip by mskatej (NC-17) Mike and Harvey go to LA on business and end up drinking at a bar in the Regent Beverly Wilshire. And then chaos.
War Wounds by veritas_st (Harvey/Mike | NC-17) He’d stayed safe, kept his head down, came back to Harvey with a few scars, and a new aversion to loud noises.
-♦We Only Part To Meet Again (NC-17) Harvey hates it when Mike isn’t here. He hates the silence in the apartment, the neat tidiness, the lack of wet footprints across the wood floor in the morning and the fact that Mike’s hands don’t wake him up, hot and damp from the shower, but sure and knowing
-♦I'm Almost In Your Arms (NC-17) He wakes up sometime in the middle of the night, sweat cold on his forehead and Harvey’s arms hot around him and his heart is beating loudly in his ears, skin prickling uncomfortably from whatever nightmare he’d pulled himself from and it takes him a few seconds to remember he’s back in New York.
You'd Look Good On Me by veritas_st (R | AU) The first time Rene subjects Harvey to his new apprentice, Harvey spends the whole time trying to ignore just how nimble the kid’s hands are, and how his breath against the side of Harvey’s neck is far too erotic.
-♦ You've Got Me Now (Under Your Thumb) (R | AU) Harvey’s helpless when it comes to Mike’s smile.

Other rec lists:
"dude, check out this fanfiction" roslindi's Harvey/Mike reclist.
nightrider101: NightRider Steampunk Heartnightrider101 on March 21st, 2014 09:53 pm (UTC)
I've just recently tripped and fallen into the Suits fandom. Thanks so much for putting this rec list together!

I do love a good rec list. They make things so much easier. <3